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tv   [untitled]    August 28, 2011 9:30pm-10:00pm PDT

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on issues going forward. not that they're not doing that already anyway. that is it for me. >> the vice president of the report. >> i have nothing to report at this time. >> commission reports. >> i just want to let of i did attend the nondiscrimination for prior arrest or conviction hearing that we held on july 25. there were presentations from the public defender's office, the district attorney. members of the reentry council as well as the human rights commission. it was a very broad discussion about the issues around discrimination. one in four california adults has a prior are rust or conviction and with the rise of credit reports and background
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checks, there are a lot of companies with a very nominal amount of money will provide reports of people. it really is a significant issue and a significant barrier to employment for people, particularly in the african- american and latino communities. as we talk about jobs and job creation, looking very seriously about how they can assist the intent of this legislation, it is very important and i will be watching this closely. >> i am glad you brought that up. we had the district attorney speak about the upper market and castro meeting. i believe it is october 1 when the state and counties have to apply where they will be getting an -- >> 700 people will be released and they will have to find the
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-- >> jobs for them. we have to reach out because it will all be part of the training. it is better to have them employed and doing something. i very much appreciate you bring that up today, because it did come up with the merchant association meeting. >> is the most significant factor in reducing recidivism for an individual. >> and that concludes your report? next item? >> general public comment. >> seeing them, next item. >> i have a brief request. i think we spoke of as casually before, but i would like to involve our commission in out reach that would put the
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america's cup sponsors in touch with merchants and businesses in that corridor where it will be occurring may be negatively impacted by traffic and parking congestion. i think it is something we need to address. it is a fairly large area that will be impacted. i would just like to see if we can be a liaison of some sort with the america's cut folks to try to help out and to mitigate those problems. >> just to clarify, it is about mitigating. >> primarily the parking and congestion problems.
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>> will there be a point person for that? >> i am not sure how we want to approach it. commissioner atoms, due have ideas on that? commissioner adams: we will be meeting later this month, so when we meet, i will bring up the parking issue. i believe businesses are going to thrive in that area because of the amount of people in that area. when we have festivals and fairs, there is always a large increase in business and i hope the same things happen in the marina area. the parking issue, i am hearing a lot of people, it will be addressed. >> more specifically, also
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thinking about the business's operating in the immediate area of which there are many small businesses. i of the parking for those folks going in and out having meetings and going is at a critical level. many people have to spend 45 minutes parking their cars. and these folks are still going to need to proceed on with their business lives while this is going on. i the one that addressed. >> would that be something assigned to the outreach committee to start working on? >> it can be assigned to the outreach committee, i am hearing is probably time for the small business commission to get a
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presentation to this commission in terms of what is being worked on and what is being developed. and to get a status update to provide some feedback in regards to this. >> has the office been contacted by some of the small businesses that will be impacted by the american cup? >> so far, no. >> i have a concern about it, too. there are some businesses that are totally unconnected to the what is going on there. i don't think that is an issue or is potentially an issue. of want to try to solve a problem that doesn't exist, i wouldn't mind and getting information about the degree of business -- businesses or how
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many -- not many people can get to their place of business or whatever, and if there is a lot of them, i would like to know about it. i am also very excited about it, but remember. >> i am talking more about -- >> the fourth of july was a madhouse. >> i am talking about the advertising community in that area. have clients coming in and out. it is a lot of that type of people that are already severely impacted because there is never a enough parking. i would just like to know that there is some thought to the many businesses that are down in that immediate area.
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we say it will not be benefiting in any way financially from america's cut and want to continue to just move their businesses forward on a daily basis. >> i think you have the sense of what you need to do. i agree with it. i am very excited. it would be good if there is some impact if we knew to what degree it is there. >> i think thoughts are being given to that. but enough to have solid plans, but i think it is time for the primary focus be completing the eir. facilitating on behalf of the city and between the event
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authority and the organizing committee, he has been starting to do presentations to different commissions. i will have him come and provide 14 here. >> any other new business? seeing none. >> motion to adjourn. >> seconds. >> commissioners, the meeting is adjourned at 7:53 p.m.
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>> welcome to the largest hotel in this beautiful city. it is wonderful to have all of you with us in this
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magnificently decorated room. in particular, i would like to recognize the honorable meier and when -- the honorable mayor edwin lee. we are equally on it to recognize the chinese deputy counsel. welcome, gentlemen. [applause] also with us today, we have officials from california tourism, community partners, and partners who are all part of bringing the chinese to this wonderful city. today, we are launching a new hotel service tailored to the needs of chinese travelers visiting all corners of our hilton world.
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from today in 51 hotels in 13 countries in cities as far apart as london, sydney, mexico city, toronto, san francisco, and new york, we will be offering unique services focusing on three touch points of the chinese traveling hotel experience -- there are rival, the guest room, and breakfast at hilton. the for your hotels in the program i am pleased to say are right here in the bay area. we are so grateful to hilton san francisco union square for hosting this event, and i would like to recognize the key members from those who tells -- those hotels are also in the room with us today.
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let's take a closer look at the program. ♪ be >> hilton has been an industry leader ever since our leader opened his first hotel more than i did two years ago. he believed in the power of travel and tourism to bring people together. today, we continue his legacy of filling the earth with the brightness and warmth and hospitality. this important program welcoming chinese travelers from around the world is led by our flagship brand, hilton hotels and
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resorts, and it is available to all hotels across our brand. for generations, hilton hotel and resorts has welcomed guests from around the world. with tourism from china growing exponentially, we are introducing a new program that provides consistent amenity and service standards at participating properties to meet the needs of our most important chinese travelers abroad. hilton is growing at record rates across asia pacific and china in particular. equally important, we see dynamic growth both in a number of chinese travellers from mainland china, and guests with chinese origins who live in other parts of the world. our new program is based on our global expertise and more than two decades of working in china. we put our expertise from working in key parts of the world ar.
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our key goal is to provide welcome for our chinese guests as they explore the world. at the heart of program is our promise to insure every guest feels cared for, valued, and respected. >> our program includes team members fluent in chinese. in the guest room, we provide chinese tea available on request and dedicated television channels broadcasting chinese programming. >> our expert at hilton menu is expand its -- expanded to include chinese items. breakfast is 80 meal for our guests. >> there's a great deal of affinity and trust in china and
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around the world, and we have a tremendous responsibility to deliver on our promise and provide hospitality for the millions of travelers who stay with us each year. we have a number of hotels currently enrolled in health and huanying -- in hilton huanying and expect the number to grow. you can find more information about the program on >> as the video mentioned, china is part of a much graders -- greater story for our company than just the launch of this program. today, we had 18 hilton world wide open in china, and that will rise over the next five years, and more than half of the
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hotels will be branded as hilton here last month, health and honored our global customer loyalty program, announced the it -- that it would be the official hotel sponsor of the chinese olympic committee and all its competing teams. just today, we received the results of the annual survey in china of business travelers, which shows that hilton is the number one brand of choice for business travelers with in china today. so we have a great platform and foundation. it is most fitting as well that we should be in this city today to launch this program. san francisco has been a top destination for chinese travelers for many years. it is imbued in the chinese culture and home to one of the largest chinese population is in the americas. therefore, is vital task today is the participation of the city and the honorable meier, --
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mayoe, edwin lee. he sees the opportunity for travel and tourism and places part to welcome chinese guests to san francisco along with the rest of the world. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome mayor lee. [applause] >> -- mayor lee: thank you. good morning. i am year to congratulate the hilton for such a wonderful job in creating this program because it complements what we have actually seen in our city, our great city of san francisco. as you know, we have been courting the chinese tourists and chinese business people for quite some many years and working very closely with our heads of travel, we have just finished what of the greatest international powwows -- one of
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the greatest international powwows that we have ever hosted in our city. we thank the hotel leaders in our city. we had such a wonderful successful international powwow. i want to welcome the deputy counsel general who joins us here today. he knows very much that people are coming to the council general to try to think of ways in which whole groups of people can come here and experience the bay area of san francisco and make the connections, but i am here mainly because i wanted to see what the breakfast is all about. [laughter] if you have never traveled to the far east, particularly to china, breakfast is, as the hilton has described, one of those important meals. people get up at six or six -- 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning, even though they may have a full day of importance -- of
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appointments going on. i have done that in my troubles. because of the great menus they have in the world-class hotels throughout china and hilton wants to make sure that same experience is brought here for our chinese visitors, what happens is that oftentimes, my wife will join me at 7:00 in the morning, have that great breakfast, and go right back to the hotel and sleep when i do all the work. that is how important the breakfasts are. the cultural connections, the welcoming, at the front desk, the cultural competency of the language -- i was at the first day of school opening yesterday, and i told the students, when people tell you you ought to learn one or two languages, you ought to learn two languages. chinese and spanish are probably the most important language is that our bay area schools can possibly continue teaching. it allows all of our students to
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join the tremendous work force we have because tourism is still our number business in the bay area. to have the connection with this fantastic business. i know sf travel knows that. we continue to upgrade our mosconi center and work with not only the traditional hotels, but they are updating. i want to go to every hotel that updates themselves because you will see they are catering to the visitors coming here. we still have a great tourism industry in san francisco. we have wonderful hotel venues for all of them to visit, and then, the great international hotel -- international airport we have. you will see how our international visitors marvel at the efficiencies of getting
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through customs. it is great. i have seen a lot of other countries. i have been there when they have gotten there baggage, and you see that line, and you come to san francisco's international airport, and there is no lines. people are zipping through, and even some of the customs agents will say, "huanying," because they know the language. we are an international city. we want to maintain the world class feeling we always have. i really want to thank hilton for this additional work that it is doing to maintain that world- class status. so you welcome the chinese visitors for business or tourism, and you give them a good breakfast because at the end of the day, they might want to know about stake or pasta,
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but the breakfast would be their traditional thing, and they will feel comfortable doing that and come back. that is the main thing. we would visitors not only to experience the first visit. we want them to keep coming back. there's a lot of business to be done that is consistent with what our city is doing with our china-sf program. we're recording chinese businesses. we have over five of the major solar companies in china locating their offices in mission bay already. we have more to come. we're working on their banking business so they can come here and establish banks so that trade can go on, and it will be more comfortable for them. so thank you to hilton. congratulations on hilton huanying, and huanying for everyone else here. thank you very much. [applause]
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>> thank you for those kind words. i do pay attention to the quality of your airports as well. we come in and out of a lot of international airports, and you have it very well organized here. thank you, mayor lee. also, on our website,, we have sections of our web site dedicated to this program where you can find hotels, explore the benefits of the program. for our media colleagues, we have an extension to our global media website, which is now built in chinese as well as english, for chinese media following the story, and we have a couple of events organized in beijing and shanghai in september. thank you again to the chinese deputy consul for joining us today. i thought the best way to understand hilton huanying was to understand it. we have created three dynamic interactive stations at the back of this room, which we will
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reveal to you in a moment, where you can go and see and best of all taste hotel our rival, the guest environment, and the breakfast at hilton experience, so you will chinese practices ladies and gentlemen, i would choose to be the first to experience hilton huanying.
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